CH. Malagold Crimson And Clover
(CH. Synergold Galyarde Classic, OSx CH. Libra Malagold Clover, OD)

CJ - Clover Junior, as she was called - was everything that a Golden Retriever was meant to be. A show dog. A house dog. A family dog. A snuggle companion. And she was the best at every one of those things. She could shine like a star in the show ring one minute and curl up next to you on the sofa the next. Along with her mother, Clover, she was a favorite "home body" and the friendly greeter at the front door to all who entered.

She was and always will be special to all hearts at Malagold.

CH. Malagold Crimson and Clover CH. Synergold Galyarde Classic OS CH. Footrpint of Yeo (English Import ) Eng. Irish CH. Mandingo Buidhe Colum OS (BOB Cruft's 1969, 5 CC's, 2 Res CC's)
Jessica of Yeo OD
CH. Liberator Synergold Jubliee Deremer Ameche Liberator OS (English Import, both American majors)
CH. Liberator Mayerling OD
CH. Libra Malagold Clover OD BISS CH. Malagold Summer Chant OS, SDHF CH. Hunts Finnegan OS, SDHF
CH. Malagold Svea OD
CH. Libra Lady Carioca CD, OD Am. Can. CH. Colacove Commando Di Sham
Sutter Creek Serendipity CDX
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