BISS CH. Malagold Take A Stand
(CH. Ocoee Caerfilly Chosen x Malagold Fairy Tale)

Stuart - CH. Malagold Take A Stand. The best of both worlds at Malagold - an outstanding show dog and wonderful family dog - all in one beautiful package! With multi Golden Retriever Club Specialty Show Best of Breed wins and an Award of Merit at Westminster Kennel Club, Stuart had blazed his own trail on the show circuit. With his powerful movement, stunning head, neck and shoulder assembly, and beautiful straight back, he presented a look of confidence and power - demanding attention as soon as he walked into the show ring!

But Stuart was really a puppy at heart and could never be far away from his squishy toys and tennis balls. You could always spot Stuart at a dog show - the one sitting on the table with a grooming towel in his mouth! Oh - What a sweetie!

Stuart has also made his own name as a exceptional producer, passing on these wonderful qualities to his kids. Watch for these future titleholders - they will be hard to miss!

** Frozen semen is available to approved bitches only.

A Stuart Family photo - a proud dad with his kids!
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